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Blend THC, CBD with B17

Blend 10ml and Salve 50ml - R1250

Blend 10ml and Balm 50ml - R1 150


30ml THC and 30ml CBD - R4450 Cost R3 560

🔔Save R890

20ml THC and 20ml CBD - R3 650 Cost R2 920

🔔Save R730


20ml and Salve 50ml - R1850 Cost R1480

🔔Save R370

20ml and Balm 50ml - R1 750 Cost R1 400

🔔Save R350


30ml and Salve 100ml - R2 900 Cost R2 320

🔔Save R580

30ml and Balm 100ml - R2 700 Cost R2 160

🔔Save R540



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Apricot seeds are abundant with an ingredient known as Amygdalin, also known as vitamin B-17. It is really an essential nutrient which has gained popularity due to its capability to kill cancer cells. Please have a look at our Health Benefits page to find out more about this great product.

  • Size 10ml, 20ml, 30ml
  • Origin Imported
  • Quality Organic
1 review for Blend THC, CBD, B17
Emmerson ( Limpopo – March 18, 2018 )

I recommend this product for anyone who needs it. It is amazing.